Bjørnis is a show about a friendly, cuddly bear, working as a real firefighter! The series is produced to capture the interest of young children, ages 2-5 and aims to be exciting, funny, as well as educational. It was a huge success for NRK Super when it launched in September 2021.

The overall goal is to give children necessary understanding of potentially dangerous situations, providing them with the knowledge they need to avoid them, and even help solving them.

The show is produced in close cooperation with the Norwegian Fire Department. It appreciates children’s fascination for fire vehicles, technical details, repetition, humor, and music.

  • Original title: Bjørnis
  • Duration: 10 x 12 minutes
  • Genre: Children
  • Produced by: Monster on behalf of NRK
  • Created/Written by: Alexandra Witzøe, Live Glesne Kjølstad
  • Directed by: Live Glesne Kjølstad, Jon Vatne
  • Distributor: Monster
  • Status: Aired in 2021, season two in production
  • Executive Producer NRK: Cathrine Irgens Nilsen

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