17 / 18 / 16 /19

17 / 18 / 16 /19

A day that will change their life forever, but they have no idea what is coming. In this countdown teen-drama about identity and detachment, we follow Abdi, Emrah, Ibo and Aisha who have one foot in each culture.

By portraying a realistic, yet exciting story, each season shows the challenges multicultural teens meet in today’s Norway.

Season four, entitled 19, tells the story about 19-year-old Aisha, who dreams about being a strong and independent woman, but lives in a world in which being one proves to be challenging.

Nominated for Prix Jeunesse 2020

  • Original title: 17 / 18 / 16 / 19
  • Duration: 17/18/16/19 x 7-20 minutes
  • Genre: Teen drama
  • Produced by: NRK P3
  • Created/written by: Marte Sunde-Harter, Melike Leblebicioğlu and Ane Arstad Isungset
  • Directed by: Bendik Stalheim Møller
  • Distributor: Magnify Media
  • Status: Three seasons aired, season four to be aired in 2021
  • Executive producer NRK: Ingjerd Østrem Omland ingrid.ostrem.omland@nrk.no