As Bad As It Gets

As Bad As It Gets

Meet the Bock’s – a divorced family of five who are entering a new life phase after the dad Håkon has been unfaithful.

He is at first thrown out of the house but ends up sharing the basement apartment with his eldest son Aksel.

In the comedy series, the youngest children Saga and Tomine are the heroes. Through their eyes we experience life’s joys and sorrows – and not least the inadequacies of their parents.

The Bock family do what they can to live up to the family motto: Best when it counts the most. Now, they must adapt to a life which seemingly is as bad as it gets, but proves to be more than good enough nonetheless.

  • Original title: Verst når det gjelder
  • Duration: 8 x 22 minutes
  • Genre: Sitcom
  • Produced by: NRK Super
  • Created/Written by: Ingvild Nielsen (creator and writer), Mads Løken (writer)
  • Directed by: Stine Buer and Ingvild Nielsen
  • Distributor: TBA
  • Status: To be aired in 2021
  • Executive Producer NRK: Gisle Halvorsen (