Blank is a real-time drama about life after high school and the struggles of entering adulthood. Over the course of three seasons, the show tells stories about 19-year-olds who must combat rejection and defeat in order to succeed in friendship, love and decision-making.

In season one, we meet Ella who moves to Oslo after high school.

Season two tells the story about pharmacy student Zehra and her challenges as a multicultural girl in Oslo.

Season three takes place on the Norwegian countryside, where we meet Markus, who moves back home after finding big-city life too challenging.

  • Original title: Blank
  • Duration: Clip-based web publishing and full episodes, each season 9 x 18 – 43 minutes
  • Genre: Teen drama
  • Produced by: NRK
  • Created/Written by: Knut Næsheim
  • Directed by: Knut Næsheim
  • Distributor: Magnify Media
  • Status: Three seasons aired
  • Executive producer NRK: Christina Rezk Resar (