HAIK – which means “hitchhike” – is a musical and entertaining documentary series where presenter Christine takes Norway’s biggest pop stars on a road trip.

It is an entertaining and touching ride with a clear goal: An intimate concert at a very special location, where the audience are the people who treasure our pop stars’ music the highest.

The artists know nothing about the concert. Not the location, not who is in the audience, and not the surprises during the show.

HAIK is a journey down memory lane, with everything life has to offer: Laughs, surprises, tears – and last, but not least: music.

  • Original title: Haik
  • Duration: 8 x 39 minutes
  • Genre: Culture/Entertainment
  • Produced by: NRK
  • Distributor: TBA
  • Status: Season one aired in 2019, season two in production
  • Executive Producer NRK: Ingerid Nordstrand (ingerid.nordstrand@nrk.no)