Walk Like a Queen

Walk Like a Queen

This is a heartfelt and comedic series about 47-year-old Merethe Ue-land’s encounter with a new phase of life.

Her kids recently moved out, menopause just kicked in and her dreams for the future has turned into a fear that she might have reached her use-by-date.

Merethe must cope with jealousy, sexual disappointment, hot flashes, and an intense need for affirmation that affects her marriage, her daughter, her close girlfriends, and especially Merethe herself.

★ Selected for N12

  • Original title: Stolthet og forfall
  • Duration: 8 x 28 minutes
  • Genre: Dramedy
  • Produced by: Ape&Bjørn on behalf of NRK
  • Created/Written by: Liv Karin Dahlstrøm and Thorkild Schrumpf
  • Written by: Christopher Pahle
  • Directed by: Liv Karin Dahlstrøm
  • Distributor: TBA
  • Status: Aired in 2021
  • Executive producer NRK: Gitte Calmeyer (gitte.calmeyer@nrk.no)