Lars is eleven years old and a half-zombie, or “living unliving” as the politically correct term goes.

In his new hometown, Lars’ kind are rare and frowned upon. However, he soon discovers others who are different too: a ninja, a witch, a troll and a changeling, to mention some.

Together, they explore their true nature in a conformist and deeply preju- diced society.

★ Winner of Best Non-Animated or Mixed Series at Kidscreen Awards 2019
★ Winner of Best Storytelling Award at Nordic Kids Media Festival 2019
★ Winner of Children and Youth category at Rose D’Or 2019
★ Winner of 11-15 Fiction Award at Prix de Jeunesse 2018
★ Winner of 11-15 Fiction Award of the Intl. Youth Jury at Prix de Jeunesse 2018
★ Winner of Children/Youth category at Venice TV Awards 2018

  • Original title: ZombieLars
  • Genre: Fantasy drama targeting eight to twelve-year-olds
  • Created/Written by: Thomas Seeberg Torjussen and Gisle Halvorsen
  • Directed by: Atle Knudsen, Gisle Halvorsen, Thomas Seeberg Torjussen and Tonje Voreland
  • Produced by: Tordenfilm on behalf of NRK
  • Distributor: Global Screen
  • Status: Three seasons aired
  • Executive Producer NRK: Gisle Halvorsen (gisle.halvorsen@nrk.no)