Camilla & Kamilla

Camilla & Kamilla

Camilla, one of Norway’s biggest influencers, is bankrupt. She loses everything and ends up being forced into a job she finds uncomfortable – as a personal assistant for Kamilla, a girl with Down’s Syndrome. This is the start of a story about keeping up appearances, friendships, and chromosomes.

Camilla & Kamilla is a heartwarming and edgy comedy drama about two women who seem wildly different, but turn out to be more similar than one would think.

They are both tired of prejudice, they always choose the path of the least resistance, and they share the same guilty pleasure – Swedish euro dance 90s sensation E-Type.

  • Original title: Camilla og Kamilla
  • Duration: 8 x 16 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy drama
  • Produced by: NRK Comedy
  • Created/Written by: TBA
  • Directed by: Line Fougner Christensen
  • Distributor: TBA
  • Status: Airs in 2022
  • Executive Producer NRK: Christina Rezk Resar

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