Allround Champion

Allround Champion

Allround Champion is a feel-good reality series featuring 14-year-old athletes who are each among Norway’s best in their individual type of sport. Through the series they learn each other’s sports, and all compete against each other in them.

The series shows that doing your absolute best, overcoming your fears and working as a team can help you accomplish more than you thought was possible. The key focus of these diverse sports is to show the cooper- ation with one another, while mastering and enjoying it.

How much can be accomplished when learning a new sport in only two days? Who will be the Allround Champion in the end?

★ Winner of Best Non-Fiction at the Prix Jeunesse 2014
★ Winner of Best Non-Scripted Entertainment at the International Emmy Kids Award 2016

  • Original title: Best i mest
  • Duration: 18 x 40 minutes
  • Genre: Reality competition for children
  • Produced by: NRK Super
  • Written/Directed by: Ingrid Skaare/Joakim Vedeler (NRK), Grant Greschuck (Marblemedia)
  • Distributor: Beta Film
  • Status: Two seasons aired. Remake in Belgium and US/Canada
  • Executive Producer NRK: Joakim Vedeler (