Bo Bear

Bo Bear

Bo Bear is a live action series about three- to four-year-old kids and their best friend Bo Bear. The puppet is their favorite teddy bear who turns alive – but only when the two of them are alone together.

In each episode a kid faces a challenging or difficult situation, but with the help of Bo Bear it becomes a life-learning lesson.

Any struggle is replaced by a sense of achievement when Bo Bear turns the obstacle into something magical with imagination.

★ Winner of the Prix Jeunesse jury prize 2018
★ Selected at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2018
★ Finalist Japan Prize 2018

  • Original title: Brillebjørn
  • Duration: 52 x 5 minutes
  • Genre: Live action drama for pre-schoolers and family
  • Produced by: Spark on behalf of NRK
  • Created /Written by: Live Glesne Kjølstad, Eda Syvertsen and Nils Stokke
  • Directed by: Live Glesne Kjølstad, Maiken Marstrander, Ole Jakob Andersen and Halvor Nitteberg
  • Distributor: Superights
  • Status: Three seasons aired
  • Executive producer NRK: Joakim Vedeler (