There is nothing Selma wants more than a real family. A letter to Santa opens up the portal to a magical place called Snowfall, where she discovers that Santa Claus is her grandfather.

However, Santa suddenly disappears, and Selma embarks on a journey to rescue him.

In the second season we meet Noah, whose greatest wish is that his mom will beat cancer and get well again.

A letter to Santa takes him to Snowfall, but little does he know that his journey has just begun: There are dark forces at play, threatening to stop wishes from reaching Santa Claus.

  • Original title: Snøfall
  • Duration: 24 x 24 minutes
  • Genre: Drama/Christmas calendar
  • Produced by: NRK Super
  • Created/Written by: Hanne, Hilde & Klaus Hagerup and Synne Teksum
  • Directed by: Synne Teksum
  • Distributor: Beta Film
  • Status: Season one aired in 2016, season two in production
  • Executive Producer NRK: Ingrid Marie Hafstad (