Photo: Eirik Evjen


Twin kicks off in the Lofoten Islands, a surfing mecca north of the Arctic Circle. It is home to Erik, a surfer bum who has not seen his identical twin Adam – a successful businessman with a picture-perfect family – for 17 years.

When Erik loses everything, he reaches out to Adam, only to be rejected. A quarrel breaks out between them and Ingrid, Adam’s wife, accidentally kills Adam.

To cover the crime and to save his brother’s family, Erik takes over Adam’s identity.

★ Selected for Main Competition at Series Mania 2019
★ Selected for N12

  • Original title: Twin
  • Duration: 8 x 45 minutes
  • Genre: Drama/Thriller
  • Produced by: Nordisk Film Production Norway on behalf of NRK
  • Created/Written by: Kristoffer Metcalfe (creator and writer), Anne Elvedal, Vegard Steiro Amundsen and Sofia Lersol Lund (writers)
  • Directed by: Kristoffer Metcalfe and Erika Calmeyer
  • Distributor: Trust Nordisk
  • Status: Aired in 2019
  • Executive Producer NRK: Ivar Køhn (