The Vålnes Case

The Vålnes Case

In 2011, Per Vålnes disappeared from his home in an arctic village in Norway. The police initiated a massive manhunt. However, a week of thorough searches in snowy terrain yielded no clues.

It changed when the police picked up a claim that Per’s partner had asked friends for help to get rid of him. This led to one of the largest investigations in Norway where hundreds were interrogated. The police would even dig up the local hotel in search for Per’s remains.

The Vålnes Case takes us into deep fjords and alpine mountains to unroll the grave mistakes, the covert actions and the unanswered questions that make up the mystery of what happened to Per Vålnes.

  • Originaltittel: Vålnes-saken
  • Duration: 5 x 39 minutes
  • Genre: True crime
  • Produced by: NRK Nord
  • Created by: Erlend Koppergård, Øystein Antonsen, Håvard Gulldahl
  • Directed by: Hans Christian Storrøsten
  • Distributor: TBA
  • Status: Aired in 2021
  • Executive Producer NRK: ne Lein

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